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Install Gantry Crane in Customer's Precast Yard
Dec. 25th, 2021
On the 19th, Dec. 2021, 3 sets of 120T gantry cranes arrived at customer’s precast yard. Until 21st, all the containers were completed the unloading work smoothly.
double girder gantry crane, Southeast Asia project, Huada Heavy Industry
3 sets of double girder gantry crane were produced & delivered
Oct. 6th, 2021
Congratulations on the successful completion of the factory delivery of 3 sets of double girder gantry crane in October 2021. The 3 sets of double girder gantry crane will be exported to Southeast Asia on the end of this month.
160ton Beam Launcher Delivery News
Sep. 22nd, 2021
On the date of 9. 12. 2021, the 160ton beam launcher starts the process of delivery after 130 working days’production period. The beam launcher will reach Southeast Asia finally.
Huada Heavy Industry Donate to Red Cross for the China Flood 2021
Jul. 28th, 2021
Huada Heavy Industry has involved in the design and manufacturer of bridge erection equipment and girder transportation field since 2008, and specialized to provide series of customized construction solutions and equipment like straddle carrier, dolly, transporter to the world, is willing to donate 1% of turnover in the next three months - Aug. Sept. Oct. to the Xinxiang Charity Federation, and the organization of Red Cross, and help the flood disaster area to recovery.
rtg rubber tyred gantry
RTG rubber tyred gantry was installed smoothly
Jun. 25th, 2021
Congratulations on that 2 sets of 150t rtg rubber tyred gantry completed the whole-set assembly, full-load commissioning in our factory and were delivered successfully in June, 2021.
Contract Signed for 2 Sets of 150T Straddle Carrier
Mar. 10th, 2021
On 10th, March, 2021, the contract of 2 sets 150t segment lifting straddle carrier for South Asia precasting yard production project was signed successfully.
Successfully Deliver 80t Rubber Tyred Gantry During the Difficult Covid-19 Period
Nov. 25th, 2020
On the November 16th, 2020, the final production drawing of 80t RTG was confirmed and signed by Huada Heavy Industry and the project owner. After around 4 months' production and 1 month's whole-set assembly and test. The rubber tyred gantry crane will be delivered.
Installation & Debugging of 120T Straddle Carrier in South Asia Precasting Yard
Aug. 18th, 2020
In the August of 2020, Huada Heavy Industry completed the Installation & debugging of 120T straddle carrier in south Asia precasting yard.
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