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70Ton RTG Crane Installed and Tested in Argentina-Huada
Two Sets 70Ton RTG Crane Installed and Tested in Argentina
Jan. 22nd, 2024
The Huada team successfully field-tested and installed the Two Sets 70Ton RTG crane at the customer's site in Argentina. The equipment's flexible operation and excellent functional characteristics made our customers very satisfied. Guaranteeing high quality is the core purpose that Huada has always adhered to. The perfect service system allows our customers to establish a friendly cooperative relationship with Huada.
50t straddle carrier
50T Straddle Cranes Installation in Hungary Smoothly
Jul. 11th, 2023
After more than a month of shipping, the two sets of Huada 50t straddle cranes finally arrived in the Hungarian port at the end of June.
Container Straddle Carrier
Site Installation and Commissioning of Container Straddle Crane in Vietnam
Jul. 6th, 2023
Congratulations on the successful completion of the site installation and commissioning of the Vietnam container straddle crane project.
Container Straddle Carrier
Container Straddle Carrier Shipped to Vietnam
Jun. 8th, 2023
On June 8, 2023, Huada successfully delivered the container straddle carrier to our Vietnam customer.
casting yard gantry crane
Casting Yard Gantry Crane Was Completed Installation On-Site in America
May. 12th, 2023
At the request of our customer, we send two engineers to the site to assist with the work of installation and commissioning for the two sets casting yard gantry crane, one 10ton, and the other 30ton.
What is a Gantry Crane
What is a Gantry Crane?
Apr. 13th, 2023
The gantry crane is a type of crane that is typically used to lift and move heavy loads in a variety of industrial applications. It consists of a large structure that spans a workspace or area, with two legs on either side. And the whole structure seems like a big gate, we call it Gantry Crane. The crane's horizontal beam, also known as a bridge or girder, runs along the top of the legs and is supported by a trolley that moves back and forth along the length of the beam.
120t straddle carrier-for sale
120T Straddle Carriers For UAE Wind Tower Yard Finish Site Installation & Commissioning
Mar. 24th, 2023
Starting from 5th, Jan 2023, the UAE client started the assembly of the first set 120T straddle carriers after site checking out of the receiving parts.
20t Gantry Crane
Successful Delivery Of Huada MH 20t Gantry Crane To Australia
Mar. 10th, 2023
In early March 2023, the Huada factory delivered the MH 20t gantry crane successfully to Australia. All the parts of the MH20t gantry crane are packaged and loaded into 40 feet containers carefully.
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